Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Two Misses

by Emily Thorpe

With the changing of times and globalization the values of different cultures and their traditions are being blurred. This remains true with beauty pageants. Ms. de Fontenay, a former Miss France has created a new French National Beauty Pageant which upholds more traditional French values. She is conservative and believes that even a beauty pageant can help maintain a national individual culture. She sees the changes in the old Miss France competition as a representation of Paris and more modern liberal ideals. Her new pageant will represent the “provinces”

Miss France represents France as a nation. I think that it’s very interesting that people will hold so much cultural value in a pageant. Pageants are often thought of as silly and of archaic displays of beauty. Ms. de Fontenay represents French values. She always looks her best, a value that most French people uphold, never leaving the house in a pair of pajamas. It is important for countries to maintain their traditions and individuality. It surprises me that this cultural preservation is also connected with beauty queens.


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