Monday, December 6, 2010

Effective Media for the French- Erik Ramirez

I found this printed ad against rape and women violence on a building wall on Daumesnil Avenue. The poster says “75,000 women are raped every year” and it asks people to sign a petition online against violence. It shows a young woman being aggressively held from behind by a man whose face you cannot see. This man is holding the woman’s mouth shut with one hand and holding her crotch area with the other. It was hard not to notice this ad because of its very strong visual.

In media it is very important to attract the viewer’s attention and I believe that this ad did that very well but I am not sure that it is very effective in trying to prevent rape. This ad is very aggressive and is out where everyone can see. I definitely cannot see an ad like this one being out in public for people of all ages to see so it must be intended for all audiences. Here we can see the different kinds of media comfort levels that countries have with their people. While this high level of sexual aggressiveness might be normal for French media it just simply is not the same for American media.

This ad succeeds in attracting the attention it wants and it is obvious by the picture alone that the message pertains to sexual violence so in the end it is a good advertisement for the French public because it did its job as a form of media.

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