Monday, December 6, 2010

Garance Doré Interview with French ELLE

Extra Credit by Joann So

Garance Doré’s blog Une Fille Comme Moi is popular and so is she. She started posting illustrations in June of 2006 on her blog and eventually started to incorporate snapshots of stylish people in the fashion world. She is an outsider as she did not start her work in this industry but her blog have made her an essential read, even being called “our daily bread” by a French fashion editor.
What I would like to point out regarding this popular blogger is how her status as a Parisian illustrator who dabbled into fashion (and is now much immersed in it) has brought her an interview that explains her increasing popularity and status as a celebrity. In a November issue (no. 3386) of French Elle, Doré is asked about her beauty and workout regimens to which her answers are very personal:

For example, she mentions how she learned hammam culture from her Moroccan grandmother. People are curious about her inner life, what products she uses, what she eats, her lifestyle. This interview signifies that she is a celebrity and not just a mere artist because readers take interest in her life.
At the same time, there is approachability to her. One comment from a reader: “such great advice. and i love how low maintenance you are!!” ( Doré says “the recession made clothes wearable and buyable, which is true prêt-à- porter. There are now designs for a real woman who works. I am like that. I am a working woman, and I love that there is a fashion that understands me” (interview with Harper’s Bazaar). Notice her tone in the interview – she is very personal and informative, just like her blog. She not only makes personal connection with her readers but also acts, in a way, as a median between the world of fashion (glitzy, luxurious, and somewhat unattainable) and the average follower.

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