Monday, December 6, 2010

India signs multi-billion euro nuclear deal with France


by Andres Gomez

France and India came to an agreement to have two French built nuclear power plants in west India. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh signed a 7 billion euro agreement with the French President Nicolas Sarkozy. These two nuclear power plants are the beginning of the 20 nuclear reactors that India hopes to build to meet the energy demand. Many international markets have been on the lookout for a piece in this market in India, but there are many liability issues that come when it deals with entering India because of turmoil in the country. The French government however, is currently having discussions with India in regards to the regional security, trade, and investment. Not only is the French government trying to get involved in the Indian energy department, but also in the military department. French companies are trying to work out deals that will sell jet fighters and helicopters to the Indian air force.

France is clearly trying to gain an upper-hand in foreign affairs in countries that are not fully advanced in energy and military aspects. France’s and the EU’s economy is not that great at the moment and such new field in a foreign country could easily boost the French and EU economy. Sarkozy has undergone much criticism in the media lately, and having such story in the international news helps his image.

Given that Sarcozy has not made the best headlines lately, I wonder if there is a conflict of interest. Is he doing such deals to make his image look good, or has he actually analyzed how it will help or damage both countries and the world. Spreading military weapons is not the greatest thing to do, and it can encourage wrongful acts. Overall, this article shows how media not only spreads news, but it can strategically shape ones image.

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