Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Infamous French Rock Band Noir Désir Splits

by Vasilia Kouskoulas

This news article recently published in France 24 talks about the breaking up of a famous French rock band called “Noir Desir.” The band was formed during the 1980’s in Bordeaux and had been active until recently, having several platinum and gold albums on their record. The article talks about the band splitting up because of the band’s guitarist, Teyssot-Gay, pulling out of the band. The main reason for the guitarist’s decision even though only implied, was because of the lead singer beating to death his actress girlfriend, Marie Trintignant in 2003 and being convicted for it for 8 years.

Even though the article never presents the guitarist’s or the other band members’ opinions on the matter, it is inferred that the murder was the main reason. In my opinion this brought a lot of negative attention to band by the media and the general public and probably stained the band’s reputation. Moreover, I believe there were ethical reasons behind the decision since it is not easy touring, rehearsing and being in a band with someone known to have brutally murdered another person. Of course the question that comes into play is why after so many years? Well the article mentions that the lead singer was serving jail time until he was released in 2007 on parole and the band had not been particularly active these past years so that would explain the delay in the decision.

Finally, it is seen how French “rock stars” often cause as much controversy as American ones, with many often prosecuted for domestic violence, drug abuse etc. However, the one thing I found most upsetting was his sentencing for only eight years from which he only did four. This brings back the question of whether it is acceptable for celebrities to face special treatment and exemptions or whether they should be prosecuted like everyone else. In my view, four or even eight years is a very short sentence for murder and celebrities should be judged exactly as prescribed by law with no special treatment.


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