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This concludes French Media in the E.U.
at University of California in Paris, Fall 2010.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Infamous French Rock Band Noir Désir Splits

by Vasilia Kouskoulas

This news article recently published in France 24 talks about the breaking up of a famous French rock band called “Noir Desir.” The band was formed during the 1980’s in Bordeaux and had been active until recently, having several platinum and gold albums on their record. The article talks about the band splitting up because of the band’s guitarist, Teyssot-Gay, pulling out of the band. The main reason for the guitarist’s decision even though only implied, was because of the lead singer beating to death his actress girlfriend, Marie Trintignant in 2003 and being convicted for it for 8 years.

Even though the article never presents the guitarist’s or the other band members’ opinions on the matter, it is inferred that the murder was the main reason. In my opinion this brought a lot of negative attention to band by the media and the general public and probably stained the band’s reputation. Moreover, I believe there were ethical reasons behind the decision since it is not easy touring, rehearsing and being in a band with someone known to have brutally murdered another person. Of course the question that comes into play is why after so many years? Well the article mentions that the lead singer was serving jail time until he was released in 2007 on parole and the band had not been particularly active these past years so that would explain the delay in the decision.

Finally, it is seen how French “rock stars” often cause as much controversy as American ones, with many often prosecuted for domestic violence, drug abuse etc. However, the one thing I found most upsetting was his sentencing for only eight years from which he only did four. This brings back the question of whether it is acceptable for celebrities to face special treatment and exemptions or whether they should be prosecuted like everyone else. In my view, four or even eight years is a very short sentence for murder and celebrities should be judged exactly as prescribed by law with no special treatment.


WikiLeaks US and Sarkozy by Asha Bell

“US diplomats poke fun at Sarkozy in leaked memos” – France 24

The current WikiLeaks fiasco has proven very entertaining for me. It makes politicians seem like a bunch of bantering high school children even more so than they did in the past. In light of WikiLeaks I say "Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants." In this case, this quote is shockingly relevant. The US WikiLeaks about Sarkozy have shown what some politicians really think of the French president. I believe they help to paint a more honest picture of who Sarkozy is instead of the heavily censored image in the press and media now.

I honestly believe the WikiLeaks scandal has put fear into the minds of those politicians who think they can just say anything judgmental about one another and not have it see the light of day. The crooked politicians who are manipulative, dishonest and overly critical of one another have been the ones most hurt by this leak so in that regard I think it was very beneficial. Do I think it was responsible? No. I think Sarkozy was correct when he called the leak of information irresponsible. The public should have more accurate representation and information about their leaders but it shouldn’t be done in a way that jeopardizes diplomacy.

The Two Misses

by Emily Thorpe

With the changing of times and globalization the values of different cultures and their traditions are being blurred. This remains true with beauty pageants. Ms. de Fontenay, a former Miss France has created a new French National Beauty Pageant which upholds more traditional French values. She is conservative and believes that even a beauty pageant can help maintain a national individual culture. She sees the changes in the old Miss France competition as a representation of Paris and more modern liberal ideals. Her new pageant will represent the “provinces”

Miss France represents France as a nation. I think that it’s very interesting that people will hold so much cultural value in a pageant. Pageants are often thought of as silly and of archaic displays of beauty. Ms. de Fontenay represents French values. She always looks her best, a value that most French people uphold, never leaving the house in a pair of pajamas. It is important for countries to maintain their traditions and individuality. It surprises me that this cultural preservation is also connected with beauty queens.


David Guetta

Dan Rubin

David Guetta is a French DJ and producer. He was born in Paris, France in 1967. In the 1980’s and 1990’s, Guetta worked as a DJ in various nightclubs in Paris. His first set was at age 17 at the Broad Club in Paris. Since the turn of the century, Guetta has established himself as an important figure in the music industry, specifically in the genre of house music. His first major single, “Just a Little More Love” featuring Chris Willis, was released in 2001, and his debut album with the same name was released in 2002 on Virgin records.
In the music video for Guetta’s first single, the song is played in a club setting. The signature feature of Guetta, and a lot of other house artists, the “drop” occurs at the 0:40 mark in the music video. Also, Guetta is in the music video, portrayed as a bartender. Guetta’s music has become extremely popular among younger audiences, and is recognized worldwide for his music.

Since his first single, Guetta has gone on to release 4 albums, and has collaborated with artists such as Flo Rida, Fergie, Black Eyed Peas, Akon, Kid Cudi and LMFAO, among others. At the 2010 World Music Awards, Guetta won Best DJ, Best Producer, Best Selling French Artist, and International Album of the Year.

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FIFA faces media storm after controversial World Cup Choices

France24 article
French Media Extra Credit
Keven Contreras

The article summarizes the reaction by media outlets from around the world to FIFA’s recent announcement to award the 2018 and 2022 World Cups to Russia and Qatar respectively. Most media outlets from the countries who lost out on their bids are complaining of corruption and fixing of the election process. These countries including England, the United States, Japan and Spain comprise a good portion of global media. There are accusations being made that the only reason Russia and Qatar received the bids was because of their oil money and bribes to voting FIFA members. This goes back to the concept of geopolitical trends that we discussed in class with an Italian media outlet being funded by a Middle Eastern billionaire.

It also shows the role investigative journalism has in world politics and sports. There will be a number of investions launched into this controversial issue which might uncover corruption within the ranks at FIFA. It seems very strange that two countries with little footballing history and strict governments that sometimes oppress freedom would be chosen over countries like Spain/Portugal, the Netherlands/Belgium, Japan/South Korea, England and the United States who have much more to offer. The average temperature in Qatar in the summer is well over the 100’s which would make it a horrible venue for a World Cup. The stadiums would have to be air conditioned which isn’t environmentally friendly. Russian media has also been critical of its own country saying that they do not have the funds to host such an event as it will cost well over $10 billion. This article shows the influence media can have on all aspects of life including sports.

Le Roi du Monde: McDonalds

Derrick Chung

French Media; Extra Credit Assignment

McDonalds and Global Advertisement

Since McDonalds has most evidently taken control of the world as we know it, whether it be the dining world or the advertising world, I decided to choose my topic about McDonalds and their global advertising because of an add I saw in the metro.

McDonalds has become such a widespread chain that has now extended it’s presence into around 119 different countries serving an approximation of 58 MILLION people each day

. This makes it one of the largest chains in the entire world, as well as one of the most recognized icons since the start of its’ existence 70 years ago. I saw an add for McDonalds in the Metro here in Paris, and it’s audience is obviously aimed at the French readers of the add, as it promotes a new product called a “frappe saveur peche”. Of course it would be very difficult to find this product in an American McDonalds, and may not even b

e possible, which shows just how extensive and humongous the McDonalds corporation actually is.

Because McDonalds as a co

rporation is able to fund and make exclusive products respective of where ever they possess chained locations, their wealth and prowess in the entire world is very prominent. The ability to make products on the high demanding scale at such a quick rate for specific buyers [respective of their countries] is not only impressive, but representative of the prestige of McDonalds as a label and a company in the world. Only a company with the such importance and stature around the world has the ability to be able to produce products specific to their locations, while being umbrellaed under the same name.

Coupled with their quick and efficient service [for which they are known for], advertising has actually been a huge part of the success of the McDonalds Corporation. Since their birth in the late 40s, they have advertised their company in many different forms ranging from billboards and signage, as well as sponsorships. However most of their advertising is found nowadays dominating the media such as television, radio, and newspaper, in many different languages and locations across the world. It is easy to see the relationship between the use of media and its’ efficiency in promoting McDonalds products, as well as the company itself. Even those who are already buyers of McDonalds products are targeted, which can be exemplified in the promotion of new products which seem to be endless.