Monday, December 6, 2010

Snowy Days - Jessica Maldonado

It is evident that today's media outlets have become more interactive with their audience. Most important, spectators are being encourage to offer their feedback by producing their own news. Ranging from opinion blogs, twitter posts and photographs, regular folks are given the chance to shine as much as any professional reporter. On the same note, media sources are using these developments as encouragement to enhance their audience input sections. An example can be found in “Le Parisien”, a French daily newspaper that covers international, national and local Parisian news. Nonetheless, its national counterpart: “Aujourd'hui en France,” has been recognized as the largest national newspaper in France. With a reported 530,000 copies sold in 2008, its considered one of France's most influential media sources.

Hence, “Le Parisien's” successful audience engagement can be seen in its December column. Within a matter of four days (December 4th), it received thousands of photographs and videos from their subscribers interacting with early snowfalls.By allowing its readers to share their experiences, they have open the doors to a deeper audience. In addition, pictures are selected based on their genuine reflection of snow engagement in day to day activities. These include Parisians strolling down the Champs Elysee to a crowd of young joggers running in the jardin des tuileries.

All in all, "Le Parisien" promotes itself to is subscribers and other audiences by using snow and elements relating to friendship, family values and the general spirit of winter holidays (without being inclusive of a particular holiday) it makes itself relevant to anyone living in Paris. “Le Parisien”, takes journalistic media to a more personal level. It offers readers a chance to be creative through personal expression in photography while they can all relate to living amongst the snow.

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