Monday, December 6, 2010

Beaujolais part of French Culture by Daisy Hernandez

Beaujolais wine has become an important factor and even event in French culture. This type of wine has received so much importance and grandeur that it has now even been sold in different parts of the world. Media is a major form of spreading the news that it is the time of year for the Beaujolais wine. The wine actually has a specific date in which it is awaited by not only France but other countries that have learned about this wine and are now consumers. Media such as banners and other forms of advertising are seen all throughout France on the third Thursday of November, simply announcing the arrival of the wine that comes from the North of Lyon in France.

Finding this article on France 24 under the culture section has only enhanced the stereotype or the depiction of France as being “Wine country.” Hence, media in this case plays a crucial role in letting other parts of the world know that the Beaujolais wine has arrived, and that it is a major component of French culture. Something that was strictly a tradition of France, or rather in the region of Beaujolais, has now become a worldwide tradition of waiting for this type of wine to be sold. Not only this, but it has become a phenomenon as well. As mentioned in the article this event is now seen by some as a coup of advertisement to sell the wine, something that before was not the case, and may be regarded by French natives as being advertised and put out in order to sell more of the wine, and not even remember the origins of it all. I totally agree with this because since France is known in part for its wine, the grandeur exposition by its sellers is obviously to sell and make money. Now there is no remembrance that the Beaujolais wine was an eventful event of marking the end of the harvest.

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