Monday, December 6, 2010

Remember Now, Kate K.

This short film, entitled Remember Now, is an extended advertisement for Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel Cruise 2011 line. However, the film/advertisement hybrid sells far more than just Chanel to would-be buyers.

The film takes place in St. Tropez, following a group of young socialites during one eventful, and seemingly regular, night in the French hotspot. The advertisement not only promotes Chanel’s clothing and accessories but also the lifestyle of carefree excessiveness exhibited, rich with nods to French icons from the past. The piece evolves by the end to be far more a promotional piece for the tourist location than it is for the clothing. The idea of tradition as well as a sense of the undiscovered is preserved in the characters’ dialogue as a way to represent the spirit of high-end St. Tropez and its loyal vacationers.

The extended shots on the locale support the assertion that the short is equally a promo for the vacation spot as it is for the fashion house's up coming line. Moments of the main character walking or driving through the area spotlight the marinas filled with beautiful, private yachts and lush greenery respectively. Lagerfeld is careful to display St. Tropez as a place where age is of no concern - the youthful party-goers and the older men are all assimilated into the atmosphere, all having positive experiences while on vacation. The St. Tropez being pitched to the audience is one of constant luxury, partying, beauty and love. (Keep an eye out at the very end for a cameo by the director/designer himself, the incredible Karl Lagerfeld).

Remember Now, pt. 1:
Remember Now, pt. 2:

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