Monday, December 6, 2010

Dior Homme Commercial - Khanh Tran

In one of the latest media campaigns for its men’s fragrance, French luxury brand Christian Dior clearly showcases its status as being one of the most prestigious labels in the world. Titled “Un Rendez-Vous,” the advertisement for “Dior Homme” is a lengthy five-minute commercial that sets place in the beautiful city of Paris and stars the handsome British actor, Jude Law. The commercial commences as Law’s character mysteriously makes a telephone call to an unheard voice at the other end of the line. He perpetually exclaims threats to this secret other as he dons himself in a dashing black suit with the help of gorgeous blond-haired woman, model Michaela Kocianova. The equivocal tale continues as the young man leaves his decadent hotel room and sets forth to find the person whom he was speaking to. As he drives off in his shiny convertible, the narration switches to the other side of the phone conversation, revealing the seductive voice of a woman. It is then uncovered that this voice belongs to the Kocianova and that she is the person that Law is soon destined to find. Intense and dramatic music begins to play as the characters spray doses of “Dior Homme” on themselves and prepare for their much-anticipated meeting. The commercial reaches its height when the two are shown standing side-by-side in front of a picturesque shot of the Eiffel Tower.

I first saw “Un Rendez-Vous” during the previews of a movie screening at a nearby theater in Paris. At first, I mistakenly thought that the commercial was a trailer for a real upcoming movie starring Jude Law as the protagonist. To my great surprise, I immediately discovered that it is actually an advertisement for men’s cologne. Hollywood celebrities are commonly employed for beauty and fragrance campaigns and therefore, it is no bewilderment that Jude Law was chosen as the muse for the commercial. However, advertisements for products such as “Dior Homme” usually do not have fully-developed and drawn-out story lines that are five-minutes in length. Thus, I was struck by the unconventional tactic that Dior and British director, Guy Richie, have employed for this campaign.

Nonetheless, I think that the commercial is extremely intriguing and appealing to consumers. By setting the advertisement in Paris, Dior equates itself with the glamour, luxury, quality, and excitement that are commonly associated with the fashion capital of the world. Furthermore, consumers are reminded that Dior is an iconic French brand that is idolized around the world, much like the Eiffel Tower itself. The beautiful cinematography and sophisticated utilization of images in the commercial illustrates France’s focus on the aesthetic value of media. Rather than simply focusing solely on the message, French media relies on the use of beauty and physical attractiveness to achieve attention and appeal. Therefore, the employment of two very attractive public figures in “Un Rendez-Vous” definitely fits into the agenda of French advertisements as well. Additionally, the commercial also highlights the sensuality and sexuality that is prominent in French media. This is what famed chief executive of Publicis, Maurice Lévy, calls “porno chic” in an article by Dorian Cummings in The Independent. Kocianova is shown wearing a barely-there trench coat and the mind-game takes place between the two characters crosses the line of sexual seduction.

All in all, I consider this media production by Dior as very successful and appealing. It incorporates much of the aspects that are captivating to French audiences, as well as audiences all around the world. The commercial convinces consumers, both men and women, that “Dior Homme” is essential for attaining the individuals that they desire. Moreover, it encompasses what Dior represents as a brand and as an icon.

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