Tuesday, December 7, 2010

FIFA faces media storm after controversial World Cup Choices

France24 article
French Media Extra Credit
Keven Contreras

The article summarizes the reaction by media outlets from around the world to FIFA’s recent announcement to award the 2018 and 2022 World Cups to Russia and Qatar respectively. Most media outlets from the countries who lost out on their bids are complaining of corruption and fixing of the election process. These countries including England, the United States, Japan and Spain comprise a good portion of global media. There are accusations being made that the only reason Russia and Qatar received the bids was because of their oil money and bribes to voting FIFA members. This goes back to the concept of geopolitical trends that we discussed in class with an Italian media outlet being funded by a Middle Eastern billionaire.

It also shows the role investigative journalism has in world politics and sports. There will be a number of investions launched into this controversial issue which might uncover corruption within the ranks at FIFA. It seems very strange that two countries with little footballing history and strict governments that sometimes oppress freedom would be chosen over countries like Spain/Portugal, the Netherlands/Belgium, Japan/South Korea, England and the United States who have much more to offer. The average temperature in Qatar in the summer is well over the 100’s which would make it a horrible venue for a World Cup. The stadiums would have to be air conditioned which isn’t environmentally friendly. Russian media has also been critical of its own country saying that they do not have the funds to host such an event as it will cost well over $10 billion. This article shows the influence media can have on all aspects of life including sports.

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