Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Le Roi du Monde: McDonalds

Derrick Chung

French Media; Extra Credit Assignment

McDonalds and Global Advertisement

Since McDonalds has most evidently taken control of the world as we know it, whether it be the dining world or the advertising world, I decided to choose my topic about McDonalds and their global advertising because of an add I saw in the metro.

McDonalds has become such a widespread chain that has now extended it’s presence into around 119 different countries serving an approximation of 58 MILLION people each day

. This makes it one of the largest chains in the entire world, as well as one of the most recognized icons since the start of its’ existence 70 years ago. I saw an add for McDonalds in the Metro here in Paris, and it’s audience is obviously aimed at the French readers of the add, as it promotes a new product called a “frappe saveur peche”. Of course it would be very difficult to find this product in an American McDonalds, and may not even b

e possible, which shows just how extensive and humongous the McDonalds corporation actually is.

Because McDonalds as a co

rporation is able to fund and make exclusive products respective of where ever they possess chained locations, their wealth and prowess in the entire world is very prominent. The ability to make products on the high demanding scale at such a quick rate for specific buyers [respective of their countries] is not only impressive, but representative of the prestige of McDonalds as a label and a company in the world. Only a company with the such importance and stature around the world has the ability to be able to produce products specific to their locations, while being umbrellaed under the same name.

Coupled with their quick and efficient service [for which they are known for], advertising has actually been a huge part of the success of the McDonalds Corporation. Since their birth in the late 40s, they have advertised their company in many different forms ranging from billboards and signage, as well as sponsorships. However most of their advertising is found nowadays dominating the media such as television, radio, and newspaper, in many different languages and locations across the world. It is easy to see the relationship between the use of media and its’ efficiency in promoting McDonalds products, as well as the company itself. Even those who are already buyers of McDonalds products are targeted, which can be exemplified in the promotion of new products which seem to be endless.

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