Tuesday, November 23, 2010

French Music & Fashion Media

Music & fashion media intersect with the subcultures that follow particular music. After the US, France produces the most hip hop and rap music in the world. The genre is associated with a street aesthetic celebrated by rappers like MC Solaar above. Below Dick Hebdige was a the first to recognize subbcultural style by studying the music and fashion scene in London.

Music media is a large category that includes musical instruments down to mp3s. Since 1976 France has been celebrating music every June summer solstice with the holiday "Fete de la Musique."

Below are examples of French radio and far right Radio Free Europe aimed at reaching less developed areas.

Eurovision is an annual song contest sponsored by the EBU. The global audience that follows the show equals the audience of Formula 1.

French music includes traditional forms, iconic figures like Serge Gainsbourg and more avant garde music like the electronic duo Daft Punk who perform in astronaut costumes.

Since the late 90's areas outside of France have seen the emergence of indie bands such as Air and Phoenix from Versailles, Curry & Coco from Lille and Pony Pony Run Run from Nantes.

The history of the fashion magazine goes back to the aristocratic court. While Vogue originally developed in the US, the Gazette du Bon Ton emerged in France as an early and significant luxury fashion magazine that used illustrations to create editorial like stories.

Today France has a variety of fashion media from classic magazines like L'Officiel to Fashion TV and bloggers like Garance Dore.

Below left Suzy Menkes has published over a million words on fashion, been knighted and received the Legion of Honor. Her career in printed fashion journalism is now usurped by bloggers who publish instant photos and ideas about fashion on their own.

Essential to fashion media are editorials such as the one below on paparazzi and Cannes by Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue Paris from November 2005.

Below an editorial from Vogue Paris about Sunday in the country speaks to the French lifestyle, by Mikael Jansson for November 2010.

Fashion ads can reinforce brands through consistency across seasons. Below the French brand Chloe has consistently used photographers Inez & Vinoodh.

In a recent Chloe ad the stylist accidentally placed a YSL belt on the model thus advertising a different brand within the picture.

In 2007 the UK fashion designer Alexander McQueen chose to reference Paris May 1968 in his ads, associating his lower priced brand with youth and rebellion.

The following spring he continued the teen spirit through ads featuring American cheerleaders.

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