Tuesday, November 16, 2010

French & Euro Leisure Media

Above and below are ads for SouthWest France also know as Aquataine. The ads are in English targeting the widest possible tourism.

Sports & Tourism are often unified in place & destination promotions. Sports and travel also share a combined active/passive capacity and use of leisure time.

Below are the key media sporting events in France. Soccer throughout the year for the Euro and World Cup, the Tour de France in summer, Roland Garros in summer and skiing in winter.

French travel has a post-colonial affinity for Northern Africa. Morocco was an especially popular location for French and Europeans in the 1960's.

La Vallee (1972) is a film by Barbet Schroeder that explores the idea of French post-colonial travel.

Les Bronzes in 1978 & 79 offered a comedic take on French vacation culture.

Below the Club Med promotions created by Saatchi & Saatchi in 2002 referenced its sexy 1970's past.

C'est paris was a campaign aimed at Brits and Americans such as the one below.

Promoting a nation is not so simple, according to Wally Ollins and his "Nation Branding" media strategies.

The trend toward green culture has even influenced tourism promotion, seen in the ads for Ireland and Portugal below.

Transnational media is also relevant to tourism media. Below an ad by a German luggage company uses English for the widest audience and promotes Spain in the background.

The Eurostar is a transnational alliance that promoted by France & the UK in its ads.

Renault's recent campaign "Get There Faster," promotes European care travel by featuring landmark destinations.

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